Can you set the heating temperature and its duration?


Yes, you can fully control the HT-200 through its control unit. With a backlit LCD screen, you can program the heating time and temperature, activate or deactivate a heating head, and activate or deactivate the pyrometers.

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At a high drying speed, will the varnish or paint be un-cooked and alter the finish?


No, at a high drying speed the varnish/paint will not be uncooked and alter the finish. There are no issues of an oven being too hot, which cooks the coating with micro bubble formation on the surface. Additionally, there are no problems with impurities that contaminate the treated surface. The HT-200 dries in about ten minutes on average, while free air can take about ten hours to dry.

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Why install the HT-200 in a dedicated room?


The wavelength of 2 to 10 microns emitted by the HT-200 is absorbed by the paint. As a result, the paint emits hot air and then the warm air rises to the roof of the enclosure oven. The hot air is then captured and passed through a fan that redistributes it in the furnace providing free energy that is then recovered. The infrared and hot air mix offers the best of both worlds, plus it vents a little hot air outside the building according to CSA B149.15.

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Do you supply “enclosure” cooking tunnels with the HT-200?


Yes, we do supply enclosure cooking tunnels with the HT-200. If the customer wishes and/or provides the plans and technical specifications of the fans. The customer then builds it by him/herself under our supervision. In addition, we offer our customers three "standard enclosure" models. They are all very easy to modify when it comes to the specific needs of your installation.

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Does the HT-200 system support conveyors?


Yes, the HT-200 supports conveyors. Each HT-200 controller is equipped with interlocks. In this case, the conveyor assumes the management of the HT-200 units. For example, in the event that the conveyor stops, the units are put in "stand-by" mode, the conveyor resumes, and then the units are immediately restarted.

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How many HT-200s do you need to install in an oven?


Our HT-200 model is a scalable system. For example, in a furnace 20 feet in length, 4 HT-200 units are needed. At this time, it is possible to position 3 "racks" of parts according to your production volume. Three "racks" at a time with a production cycle of 15 minutes of cooking have an average of 50 pieces per rack. If you opt for only 2 HT-200 units instead of 4, the cooking cycle time will be a longer, from 20 to 25 minutes instead of 10 to 15 minutes. If your production volume increases, add units to your existing installation [...]

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Do your products work with water-based paint?


Yes, our products work very well with water-based paint and also with solvent-based paints. With water-based products, it is applied and transferred immediately into the oven for a high level of efficiency. With this method, the wood grain does not roll up and there is no "orange peel". Solvent-based paints require 10 to 15 minutes of "flash OFF" before entering the oven. The cycle time of "flash OFF" (desolvation) is saved.

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What is the cooking cycle?


The cooking cycle is about 3 to 4 minutes of "cure time cycle on focus". In comparison, if your current situation is that you have to work in a room using hot air, you will have to wait until the next day. Our HT-200 model offers you the possibility to tell your carrier to wait if any emergencies pop up. You can then proceed to repair something such as a potential scratch on a product. After cooking and cooling, it is now ready to ship in no time. No more waiting in the morning and Fridays in panic!

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