Is the HT-200 environmentally friendly?


Yes, the HT-200 is environmentally friendly. Approved by the "Green Business", the impact on the environment is minimal and controlled. HT-200 vaporizes the solvents contained in the coatings as H2O. It does not produce combustion. Catalysis is an oxidation of gas, therefore there are no emissions of greenhouse gases!

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Is the HT-200 a safe device?


Without flame release, it does not generate a direct heat like a lamp, so there is no risk of fire or explosion. The temperature of the substrate is controlled by a pyrometric camera installed in the heating head. The data is sent to the controller which automatically regulates the temperature, ensuring a perfect finish.

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Can the HT-200 cause burns to people?


It is important to remember that the HT-200 is a cooking unit, therefore it will be hot, although it is not hot enough to inflict burns.

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Is the HT-200 dangerous for humans?


No, the HT-200 is not dangerous for humans. There are no dangerous gas emissions and the wavelength of 2-10 microns is below the microwave and above the ultraviolet waves, making it perfectly safe.

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Do solvents release harmful gases?


When a solvent comes into contact with a Sun-Spot HT-200 unit, the gases produced are transformed into H2O (water). This lowers the volume of harmful gases released into the atmosphere.

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Does the HT-200 emit flue gases like CO (carbon monoxide) and similar gases?


No, the HT-200 do not emit flue gases like CO and are Green products (certified by Green business). They produce no gases such as NOX (nitrogen oxide), CO, etc. HT-200 is a catalytic product that creates gas oxidation and not combustion as a chemical reaction.

Does the HT-200 emit flue gases like CO (carbon monoxide) and similar gases?2019-09-04T11:32:48+00:00

Does this product meet current industry standards?


Yes, this product meets current industry standards. It is CSA and CE certified. CSA is the strictest standard in the world, which supports the reliability and extensiveness of our products.

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