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You’ve just applied a coating of polyurethane, you’re expecting a quick dry polyurethane solution to seal your brand new boat hulls from water, weather and corrosion. You’re now asking yourself “how can I dry polyurethane quickly and be more profitable?”.

Need Fast Curing? Look no Further…

With over 20 years of experience in the catalytic combustion industry, Sun-Spot are the experts for your high performance drying and curing needs. Our manufacturing site employs about 15 expert technicians and engineers.

Manufacturers of industrial equipment, Sun-Spot offers professional engineering services, design, fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance of catalytic infrared and curing equipment.

Sun-Spot Catalytic Paint Drying System | Quick Dry Polyurethane Solution
Sun-Spot Catalytic Paint Drying System | Quick Dry Polyurethane Solution


Sun-Spot Catalytic Paint Drying System | Quick Dry Polyurethane SolutionSun-Spot Catalytic Paint Drying System | Quick Dry Polyurethane Solution

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Our HT-100 and HT-200 flameless catalytic infrared heaters use catalytic combustion to efficiently and cleanly dry coatings for products made of wood, plastic and metal. It is particularly efficient over water based types of coating, since it forces the moisture out of the film within 2 to 3 minutes.

How does this method work to dry polyurethane quick? Catalytic combustion is a chemical process that produces heat using a mixture of fresh air and gas to generate infrared medium waves. This produces tremendous but controlled heat that forces the curing of any type of organic coating through molecular excitation. Catalytic combustion speeds up the process to dry polyurethane quick, as well as several other commonly used coatings.

What makes our catalytic heaters stand out among the crowd is their efficiency, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. Our flameless heaters use reduced gas consumption, bringing the cost of operation to less than $1 CAD per hour. Our high tech catalytic heaters eliminate emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and unburnt hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

You can have peace of mind when wanting to dry polyurethane quick that there are no harmful side-effects as a result. With shorter drying times, and 80% more cost efficient energy consumption than other catalytic heaters, your production profits will increase. Dry polyurethane quick and efficiently with our HT-100 and HT-200 catalytic heaters.

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Meet the Team

Sun-Spot products are proudly designed, manufactured and sold by Ayotte Techno Gaz Group Inc.
A leading gas catalytic heating company based in Qc, Canada.

Our production plant and our research and development centre are equipped with the latest technologies.
Our distribution centres are located in Champlain, New York, USA and in Quebec.
We have testing labs and mobile units in many locations around Canada and the United States.

Our manufacturing site employs about 15 expert technicians
and engineers on a full-time basis.

Brigitte Roy, MBA | VP Controller


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Sun-Spot Goes Beyond Quick Dry Polyurethane,
Cures All Organic Surfaces

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